Pas de côté, by the Agence GG


Les Ribin’ de l’Imaginaire

This artistic installation project offers ideas for walks that mix art and nature, on the coast as well as inland. Les Ribin’ de l’Imaginaire invite walkers to discover the local heritage in an original way and understand the region’s legends.

The legend: the herb of oblivion

To reach the Poul Sant Dider wash house, you have to go down a path that plunges into a valley dotted with green fields, said to be enchanted. Some locals say that a creeping plant, like twisted green moss, grew there which, it is said, led those who stepped on it at night astray. This is the herb of oblivion. As you approach the Poul Sant Dider wash house and its spring, a narrow concrete path appears through the grass. Was it built here to guide those passing through at night?

“Pas de côté” by Agence GG

On the Poul Sant Dider trail, you’re walking absent-mindedly along this little concrete path when you suddenly notice a tree watching you. Soon, you see them everywhere. These wandering looks invite you to join them, leave the small path, sit down and look them straight in the eye.

This fun, quirky invitation from Agence GG for herb of oblivion invites walkers to observe nature, and sometimes to step aside.

Gwenolé Gasnier and Hellène Gaulier are two visual designers who combine their skills within Agence GG, an all-terrain design studio based in Morlaix. They define what they do by the ability to combine any tool, material, method or collaboration with no preconceptions or restrictions.

The “Poul Saint Didier circuit” hike

Starting from the old Plouider station, this blue-marked trail takes you to discover the La Flèche valley. Superb panoramas of this green valley as well as the Bay of Goulven are there to enjoy during this 8.2 km hike.

Hiking sheet available at the tourist information offices of Tourisme Côte des Légendes or at